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The softest thing in the world overcomes the hardest like a rider tames a galloping steed. ~Lao Tzu~

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Chi Gung For Horsemen


Explaination of Chi Gung principles applied to riding

Step by step instructions on performing simple exercises

A ten minute practice routine

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Clinics help riders cultivate timing, balance and feel within their own bodies so that they are better able to sense and influence these elements within their horse.

Chi Gung and quality horsemanship work on many of the same principles and abilities. Horsemen want their mounts to be balanced, supple, light, alert and attentive and their own bodies must also be vital and nimble. Riders strive to make the unity between the two bodies free of hard lines of resistance -- a supple rider on a supple horse.

Frequently, however, the obstacle to getting these qualities out of the horse is the rider's inability to manifest them within their own bodies. The more riders do to make themselves sensitive, responsive and agile the more able they will be to get these qualities in their horse.

Video Clip: Sword Form

Relaxing, staying centered in the movements, directing energy with the hips, listening and sensing energeticly with the entire body, separating the substantial (yang) from the insubstantial (yin) are the kinesthetic principles of both Chi Gung and riding.

Chi Gung For Horsemen classes and clinics are designed to enhance riding skills -- groundwork for the rider. Students learn the five principles of movement by studying Animal Forms. Awareness of the body/mind connection grows with practice and communication between horse and rider is greatly enhanced as the principles are embodied.

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